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To the trees for a breathe of fresh air, the water bodies for quenching my thirst selflessly and the clouds for replenishing them back, the sun for the warmth you provide, the soil for everything you do for our sustenance and the fire for the energy we rely on. I thank you.
To the earth’s tilt for the seasons, the jasmines for blooming, the hummingbirds for pollinating, the Birds Of Paradise for dancing, woodpeckers for pecking, the magpies for chattering, the sparrows for chirping (Are you guys still out there? We are very very sorry), the bees for buzzing, the cats for meowing, the ducks for quacking, the tigers for growling, the elephants for trumpeting, the cows for mooing and the whales for singing. I thank you.
To the mountains I’ve trekked, the slopes I have slipped down from, the peaks I have seen, the rocks I’ve rested on, the rivers banks I’ve sat by, the trees I plucked fruits from, the lakes I’ve boated down, the temples I visited, the moon I’ve seen from the window, the …

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